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First things first. People should stop fighting for and against systems that are wrong for Earth, for this is not getting anywhere. Man should work together and fix up. Everybody can make a mistake but to get at each other’s throats is just proof that the destruction caused by errors which Man does not want to admit, begins to consume Man. It is an evil cycle. There are activists and activists. Some are in it for the money they can earn, some because they truly care.

Water, our privilege which is for free, is one of the biggest fights among Man. But there are folks who touch the right subjects and do something about it because they are protecting the rights of water and many do not even earn an income from it. The latter do it because they need water. Water belongs to Earth and her inhabitants, does not matter where it flows. It is world property. Everybody has a right to it.

And a major one I’d call for the tobacco industry is - since the tobacco plant with its big leaves already creates many paths for the CO2 that will come from smoking a single cigarette – why not invest your earnings in developing an organic filter? Something that will be absorbed within one season to become compost. Nature knows better since she is not in it for the money. Need I say more than that fungus knows more than most of Man?

Norwegians roll their own cigarettes, the majority without using filters. As some often would say when they throw away a cigarette butt – “This goes back to nature easily” – and that is what I appreciate.

All for Water, Water for All

There are many other ways of generating electricity AND HEAT in a natural way than to capture water to do the job. Earth has many powers that does not need to be captured to be utilized. Why then are people too lazy to go for it? This is something I don’t want to know. Man needs to examine themselves and find out why and do something about it. See the small things which had already been developed and apply it.

Man can take the old method of ‘sewage farms’ one step further by recirculating filtered waste water back into the system to keep flushing it. A natural ‘filter’ to purify the water from smell and bacteria can be planted in manmade sandy basins – which can function as a sort of glorified large scale hydroponic system but with sand added - where the roots will be too happy to absorb these ‘nutrients’. These basins can be erected as terraces with gravity assisting the flow. And with the water and the plants, a magnificent micro system will be created as well which will add to the benefits of any environment, similar as what a free flowing river and its vegetation does.

Once the water reaches the lower terrace, the water flows back to Man’s purification plant for final treatment pretty much as it is done today from dam water which in itself, is not fit for human consumption without an extensive purification process. Dam walls can be taken down and Earth will have back the life giving circulation. (And there will be less mosquitos and other pests and our Earth will be ‘cool’ again!)

Saline clouds will be drawn back to a cooler environment of happy big rivers flowing and sucking air along which will result in the wind movement returning back to normal again around the globe, more condensation will happen as the rivers will ‘steam’ in masses again along with transpiration of returning vegetation on its banks.

And then the conclusion of initial magnetism…the salt of the Earth and more. Rain clouds will be born again, and there will be enough clean running water for Man to borrow a small bit from at times for basic maintenance. Farms won’t need special irrigation systems anymore from rivers, for there shall be enough rain and it won’t be called ‘dryland farming’ anymore.

When Man gives, LORD GOD returns plentifully. When Man takes, LORD GOD has nothing to return for HE does not take from Man. Man is emptying their very resources of life and won’t stop. The majority of Man is not part of Nature anymore. Only a few are still trying to revert the process which brings only a small delay of time. What is going to happen shall happen.

Yet, I want to believe in the mercy of LORD GOD that HE shall care back and it will escalate when more of Man tap into this silver thread.

I want to believe that Man knows more than fungus which knows to remain tapped into the silver thread.

But are there enough of Man left that care about Earth with this simple knowledge? Whether or not, the tiny force cannot be stopped and this way or the other, Earth is restoring herself by keeping up with the Holy Commands. The original magnetism is constantly at work to maintain the equilibrium and will do so until all bad elements have been removed.  Even until the day the lamb and the lion will be at peace, grazing together.

Then we shall live again, renewed.

I am Earth, please hear me



I witnessed

I abide in the same sense as Job, per his 12th chapter:
“But ask the animals, now, and they shall teach you; the birds of the sky, and they shall tell you.
Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you. The fish of the sea shall declare to you.
Who doesn’t know that in all these, the LORD’s hand has done this,
in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?
Doesn’t the ear try words, even as the palate tastes its food?
With aged men is wisdom, in length of days understanding.
(The latter of course, means male or female. As it became meaningful through my life, to live in solitude and seclusion at times.)

I am sad about what is still to happen for I love Earth, this magnificent creation of LORD GOD. I just don’t have all the tools to fix up damages which Man knowingly and unknowingly and deliberately causes for I rather care where I can for such tools I have. Observation and love within my own little area wherever I go.

But I know that LORD GOD has the final say, and I accept. HE knows my saddened heart and will replenish it with happiness as it had been prophesied.

I find courage to go on each day from the teachings in the Holy Scriptures, I find courage with Job in how and what he saw about Man. I find courage to go on from a few others like myself in the present life, they who observe and care.

I have courage always, holding on to LORD GOD. I shall live again in HIS Creation which I love.

Citations from Messianic Bible, Hebrew Name Version

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