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There are main rules which Man disobey or simply just ignore. These rules are contained so clearly in LORD GOD’s Word which HE gave to Man as a guide. It takes an intensive and very short study of five books - Pentateuch – (or Torah) which LORD GOD narrated to Moses, who was the chosen co-author of this valuable manual for Man by LORD GOD.

That which is called the Holy Laws are very simple regulations of how to manage Earth. In it, we also learn that which are:
blessings – the things we need to do in order to keep up Earth to yield us a perfect all-inclusive stay; and
curse – the things which will cause damage and the kind of damage we will end up with if we do not do the things needed and when we do things which are bad (forbidden things).

Man has rules and regulations at their private dwellings, jobs, schools, etc., for the reason of keeping order. And so does the Holy Creator of Earth – HE knows how everything function, HE made it after all. As simple as that. Trust HIM.

Soil is an important filter for natural waste products after the initial processing was taken care of. This is a natural renewal system.

The greed of man devours important ‘elements’ of this renewal system.
In the Holy Law we learn what is good for our consumption and what is forbidden.

That which is good to eat, are known to be the healthy option. Man’s own science caused them to already determine this. Man has therefore, no reason to not believe the intention of these sections of the Holy Laws.

The same principle goes for that which is bad for our consumption – and there are two reasons:

It is unhealthy;
It must be left to do its ‘work’ to maintain Earth.

The latter is the main entity to observe and witness - the result (curse) which happens when the forbidden things are devoured by Man.

The reason as to WHY Man devours them is simply that Man found an easy way to make money from forbidden things. This is not much different from the actions of a thieve who steals.

The reality is that when Man ‘harvest’ forbidden things, they rob Earth of her maintenance system.

Observing the purpose why certain critters are in the waters, we learn how important they are for keeping the waters clean, and the same goes for land critters. Some are commonly known as scavengers and carrion eaters.

All of these ‘cleaning elements’ have their own unique system (metabolism) of processing and filtering out poisonous matter. E.g.: They eat dead things which otherwise, would have poisoned the environment of water and land, and then their systems process it and they eventually excrete an organic matter safe and good for the environment for the rest of the food chain responsible for cleaning & maintenance. Some can even filter toxins left around in water and air and process it into a safe matter. Most of Man already learns at school level about trees converting carbons – this same system also happens in water.

The most known cleaning critters with a high market price are shellfish and mollusks. Man gets a lot of money for lobster, crab, oyster and mussels and more different species. It is an exotic food for which people will pay a lot to eat, just to be fancy. I also ate them long ago, even dived after them until I covered a story where a dead body at the Walvis Bay Harbour (Namibia), filled with crayfish and crabs, consuming the dead decaying flesh, was retrieved ca three days after the unfortunate man went overboard. It was overheard by some onlookers that those who took the body out said “fuck the body, let’s keep the crayfish” and I wanted to vomit.

That was when I began my research into the cuisine of some critters and a big picture formed and I wanted to know WHY do they have specific eating habits. Soon enough I realized that they are in fact the cleaners on duty. I still didn’t know as much about mollusks then but it soon enough appeared in my research and one day some years later, when I saw oysters at a market place from an oyster farm I knew well, having the best oysters in the world, I bought and ate and got some reactions. VOILA. The penny dropped – I haven’t eaten any mollusks for quite a while, my body was rid of whatever allowed the baddies to pass. This time it could recognize something wrong and my immunity kicked in with a great force.

I further learned how pigs were applied during WWII to remove war crime evidence by feeding the enemies’ bodies to them. Pigs eat anything and later I encountered a child who witnessed a pig mom eating her own little babies on a well-organized pig farm. More pennies dropped, they began showering. I do not eat humans; I shall not eat anything that eats humans. Anything that wants to bite me, attack me or eat me, was never going to be on my menu again otherwise it would mean that I can as well eat another one of my own species. Those critters’ DNA already has the flesh of Man in them…..

I live close to nature, this grand creation of LORD GOD and HE reprimanded me. I am obedient to HIM, I fear HIM alone and I took serious notice. I learned the importance of the little critters, how much they work, constantly work, to purify Earth which includes water.

Then I began seeing reasons, more than what books and other peoples’ studies would reveal. I learned how these critters all work together with many more other elements, such as plants which will happily absorb some elements which are bad for Man, as nutrients and process it further to perfection to eventually yield a food, safe for consumption by Man and beast.

When this cleaning and maintenance process is interrupted, things go bad. Unsafe matter that has no immediate ‘enemies’ to process it, becomes poisonous with micro-organisms that invade it to do the same duty of ‘cleaning’. This is something which Man does not always see or want to know about and therefore don’t learn to understand. Some of these organisms are deadly to other life forms when they take over maintenance duties. This is Earth’s last resort to ‘cover up’ these areas and remove bad things in order to protect life. The food chain kicks into reverse.

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