Sunday, 21 August 2016


Fungus knows more than most of Man

Observing certain kinds of micro systems, one can in fact learn how the whole process is linked. Some kinds of fungus will ‘sniff out’ bad things and create a network over the whole bad environment with which it will process the unsafe matter. This is in fact the last resort of Earth’s maintenance to protect any environment. It may sound contradicting, but it is not. It is very logical. It is very visible and oozes by looks and smell and more: Stay away from here, it is a bad environment.

Fungus, yeast and bacteria work together to create important micro systems. Some good (safe for Man) and some which would seem to be bad but their reason is to protect. The safe micro systems can be meaningful to Man when it is hosted in good environments. Milk alone, can be host to a large variety of micro processes which create different types of cheese and the same goes for grape varieties and the types of wines that can derive from combining micro elements. Most people enjoy a good cheese and wine. It is a very special culture which some of Man already know and utilize.

Algae & fungus work together to even create fascinating and slightly bigger micro systems which become various types of little plants known as lichens. Some are edible and occasionally can be the only food available for both Man and beast. They are often an adobe for very many small critters. Many of them will grow with the slightest breath of moisture. Very hardy, yet vulnerable to Man’s carelessness and exploitation. Yet, there are well recorded proof already that they are the first to grow out of the rubble after any  disaster.

Each one of fungus, yeast and bacteria can also serve as a stand-alone, a great purpose. The good ones can be consumed by Man and beast, the seemingly bad ones consume Man and beast and more when it is called to duty in order to protect.

The survival of all, where fungus and algae would socialize to create a new form of life, is probably the most stunning evidence of Earth taking care of life after any disaster which also includes the last resort Earth has taken to protect any environment. This is a very subtle system but not fragile at all. It is a tiny but powerful force. It removes everything that might tap its energy in order to restore the balance of life and then brings back each thing bit by bit again. It’s only enemy is Man and when Man causes destruction, the primitive process will begin all over again and eventually even Man shall be consumed. A powerful force, lead on the paths of the silver thread.

In short then, this is a grand survival from the most primitive roots. In most cases, most of Man won’t be able to survive with it since most elements needed for Man’s survival will be removed. It was initiated by Man after all. Man became their own enemy.

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