Sunday, 21 August 2016

01 Prelude

Earth and all life came to existence by Commands of the Holy Creator. Everything lesser than Man always follow HIS commands. It is an instinct, a rule of Life which will never change. Alas, Man does not always follow HIS commands. The greed of man had been damaging and devouring this planet bit by bit and it gets worse each round.

With “Story of the Wind and Water” (a music which came in a very unexpected way to me) another revelation began and it was as if I was taken back into time, seeing how life on Earth came to be. It began when the Holy Creator gave life to water and it became a moving substance, fulfilling HIS command.

The original Creation of LORD GOD was perfect. LIFE at full. I had a glimpse of the greater part of the silver thread of LIFE which stretches even beyond glistening rivers, lakes and the oceans. It exists from before Man’s conception, beyond Man’s average perception. What we do know is that it is around in our world where we can explore, from the greatest depths and into the skies, flowing further into the expanse in all its forms, and then still rising to the heavens of LORD GOD where we do not see with our human eyes.

The silver thread stretches to create a path between touchable matter and untouchable Life. When it breaks, matter does not exist as its own unique life form anymore, yet Life still continues. This matter is then recycled to remain part of substance, and multitudes of its previous existence then become part of new life, each designed on the blue print of the original matter, all connected with the silver thread.

Any gardener knows the reason for pruning e.g. fruit trees and vines when the season asks for it - new life sprouts and the plant shall bear more fruit. All clippings can then be recycled by nature into compost which will nourish the very soil where it came from, causing a good environment for growth.

The more we travel the paths of the silver thread, the stronger we become and we gain more knowledge. We remain connected to Life. And Man, a being created with a soul, shall always remain connected to Life, even after our vessel on Earth becomes obsolete. The silver thread can stretch without breaking, it only breaks off from organic matter when such have reached the end of its cycle. But Man’s Life continues, only in another form, linked to the untouchable Life.

Taking it step by step then to understand, is what I need to share. I’ve been there. I witnessed. I have a duty. There are more who need to see and they shall for they are chosen. The vision is nothing mysterious, it is a simple observation, a care and love in any ordinary life; heart and soul. It exists all the time.

You love your pet, your plant, you speak to them and care for them. That is where connecting with more of the silver thread begins in modern society. It is a happy path one can see in the rubble and follow, escape from Man’s civilization which is not always civil.

Follow the silver thread diligently, look and listen with the care you have in your heart and you’ll hear and see beyond the average, understanding many reasons as to WHY.

Many of us want to hear the full part of: “because….” I searched and I found that it begins at the very moment Life was given to water. There is a reason why I was taken to that moment because…..

02 MAIN CARRIER: Circulation System

Water is what was and will always be. Man can never own it, regardless of them trying to capture it. Water evaporates, it seeps away, flows by gravity and magnetism, it condenses and becomes rain, dew, frost, snow, hail. Water has many facets and it is powerful. It is an unrestricted substance and available for free. It is alive. It is Life.

Yet, Man wants to own water, believing that they create systems where only water can be applied but they are wrong and even too lazy to utilize the power of water correctly. It is easy for Man to just build a wall across and through a river which cuts the water off, and think they can keep the water forever, serving Man. But water is far too powerful, a power created by a Command from LORD GOD. Man cannot overrule this, water serves her purpose and finds ways to escape. This escape is Man’s loss.

All that happens by clogging up the precious veins of Earth, is an interruption of the greater appeal which exists – a form of circulation which needs to flow constantly in all directions from the center of Earth to the full expanse in all its forms. Man is allowed a portion of this water for their stay on Earth which needs to be constantly replenished throughout their life. From the moment though, when Man captures water, death begins. When it dams up, riverbanks overflow and vegetation drowns, and where it does not flow its usual borders, vegetation dies from a shortage of water for their roots. A terrible cycle begins. Critters living in the waters begin to die and many adobes of critters of the skies, are lost. The water becomes stale and new critters which are not as kind to Man, begin to move in.

Mosquito is the most known one. They breed in captured water. And some of their species are host to further bad micro species, most known and feared is malaria. Mosquitos can travel quite far, some even accidentally gets a ‘free ticket’ to a new land and if it’s a pregnant female, its trouble. She’ll find her stale water to lay her eggs and her offspring will be born in a new country where they’ll begin a new generation.

Looking at the big picture of LORD GOD separating waters from the waters and creating Earth from solid elements, and HIM causing a system of flowing water over and through the soil, is the essence of maintaining LIFE in HIS Creation of Earth. Each growing life form including Man, receives the (seemingly hidden) command of needing oxygen and to thirst for water – which is the basic guide to follow the path of the silver thread.

From this life which is the lulling cradle I saw in the fog there is constant birth and renewal which takes place. The grand maintenance system of Earth. Water movement and the air that is drawn with over the surface, both carrying oxygen needed for all life on Earth, in the waters and on land. The vapors from growth alongside this visible silver thread and those rising from the salty oceans, need both flowing water and wind to continue a grand cycle. The breath of LORD GOD, needed by Man and Beast which is constantly prepared for us in the circulation systems of Nature and distributed by Nature. By the Law of the Holy Creator – my LORD GOD.

It is held together by more invisible forces. The greatest of course magnetism which keeps Earth’s matter in one place. The Command of the Holy Creator for matter to collect and become Earth.

Learning about what is happening at present, reveals many reasons which I know about by simply being an observing kind of person. Some while ago I began watching satellite images of clouds formed from saline waters over the southern oceans, moving towards land, rain was predicted. BUT, soon enough it turned away back to the polar areas in a clockwise motion, hardly touching the most southern parts of land. A day or two before beginning to write this article, my eye caught another writing which referred to as what seemed, to have been a study about this happening. I haven’t had time to find the full article and study it, and realized soon enough I don’t need to. I see what I see and I trust my LORD GOD. HE is truth.

Revelations began when I listened to “Story of the Wind and the Water” during playback. The picture became bigger each time I listened, seeing where the silver thread guided me to. Amazing enough, it does not matter how tired or sick I am, each time I am on this path I become immune. I wouldn’t even know that I have a physical body when I’d come ‘out’ of it. And, unlike similar experiences when music hits me, I do not feel tired. It’s as if I am now on a constant parallel of my own existence.

Most of my childhood days I grew up next to man made dams and loved all the water, but somehow, seeing an open cement canal with running water through arid areas and a river with very little water and vegetation around, didn’t make sense to me. Nothing grew alongside the open canal, and it had no fish. I wanted to know why without knowing I wanted to know. I saw this each day from the school bus. I always looked at it, both the canal and rivers we crossed, wondering.

It is fine enough to observe what is happening and spell it out as is. But I always want to know WHY and HOW something is happening, what causes it. I learned many things by having this inquisitive mind. The Creation of LORD GOD is most special to me, I love the pure things in it and care as much as my human form can follow my fullest passion and then still continue spiritually where my body cannot go. This love is cause of my care and it hurts awfully to see when Creation is hurt. I try to find methods to restore wherever I can when I learn about a hurt somewhere.

A small thing I do lately during an immense drought in South Africa, is to have water available for wild birds which I feed, and during early August of 2016, after seeing a tiny ‘squadron’ of swallows, I knew I have to push seed varieties for the other wild birds. They are the main distributors of seeds in Earth’s system. I can even confirm this in sections of the Word LORD GOD gave to Noah before the flood, as LORD GOD wrote and also narrated to Moses to write down. So easy to understand - to circulate things that are needed. Many bird species do this by their very nature.

This is a small part of Earth’s hurt which I try to fix. But can this prevail against the prophecies of others before me? I pray and cry often now. LORD GOD I love your Creation. It hurts to see….

The Creator had some sky foodies available for those early swallows otherwise they wouldn’t have been in that spot. HE showed me HIS care in more hidden ways imaginable which I believe, for I have already witnessed many with my human eyes. It only takes observation with love in one’s heart to know these things. And if you truly care, you shall know.

I LISTEN to the voices of nature. I am happy when they are happy, alarmed when they are sad, thirsty and hungry. The latter at times affecting me as much as not being able to eat, food gets stuck on the lump in my throat.


There are main rules which Man disobey or simply just ignore. These rules are contained so clearly in LORD GOD’s Word which HE gave to Man as a guide. It takes an intensive and very short study of five books - Pentateuch – (or Torah) which LORD GOD narrated to Moses, who was the chosen co-author of this valuable manual for Man by LORD GOD.

That which is called the Holy Laws are very simple regulations of how to manage Earth. In it, we also learn that which are:
blessings – the things we need to do in order to keep up Earth to yield us a perfect all-inclusive stay; and
curse – the things which will cause damage and the kind of damage we will end up with if we do not do the things needed and when we do things which are bad (forbidden things).

Man has rules and regulations at their private dwellings, jobs, schools, etc., for the reason of keeping order. And so does the Holy Creator of Earth – HE knows how everything function, HE made it after all. As simple as that. Trust HIM.

Soil is an important filter for natural waste products after the initial processing was taken care of. This is a natural renewal system.

The greed of man devours important ‘elements’ of this renewal system.
In the Holy Law we learn what is good for our consumption and what is forbidden.

That which is good to eat, are known to be the healthy option. Man’s own science caused them to already determine this. Man has therefore, no reason to not believe the intention of these sections of the Holy Laws.

The same principle goes for that which is bad for our consumption – and there are two reasons:

It is unhealthy;
It must be left to do its ‘work’ to maintain Earth.

The latter is the main entity to observe and witness - the result (curse) which happens when the forbidden things are devoured by Man.

The reason as to WHY Man devours them is simply that Man found an easy way to make money from forbidden things. This is not much different from the actions of a thieve who steals.

The reality is that when Man ‘harvest’ forbidden things, they rob Earth of her maintenance system.

Observing the purpose why certain critters are in the waters, we learn how important they are for keeping the waters clean, and the same goes for land critters. Some are commonly known as scavengers and carrion eaters.

All of these ‘cleaning elements’ have their own unique system (metabolism) of processing and filtering out poisonous matter. E.g.: They eat dead things which otherwise, would have poisoned the environment of water and land, and then their systems process it and they eventually excrete an organic matter safe and good for the environment for the rest of the food chain responsible for cleaning & maintenance. Some can even filter toxins left around in water and air and process it into a safe matter. Most of Man already learns at school level about trees converting carbons – this same system also happens in water.

The most known cleaning critters with a high market price are shellfish and mollusks. Man gets a lot of money for lobster, crab, oyster and mussels and more different species. It is an exotic food for which people will pay a lot to eat, just to be fancy. I also ate them long ago, even dived after them until I covered a story where a dead body at the Walvis Bay Harbour (Namibia), filled with crayfish and crabs, consuming the dead decaying flesh, was retrieved ca three days after the unfortunate man went overboard. It was overheard by some onlookers that those who took the body out said “fuck the body, let’s keep the crayfish” and I wanted to vomit.

That was when I began my research into the cuisine of some critters and a big picture formed and I wanted to know WHY do they have specific eating habits. Soon enough I realized that they are in fact the cleaners on duty. I still didn’t know as much about mollusks then but it soon enough appeared in my research and one day some years later, when I saw oysters at a market place from an oyster farm I knew well, having the best oysters in the world, I bought and ate and got some reactions. VOILA. The penny dropped – I haven’t eaten any mollusks for quite a while, my body was rid of whatever allowed the baddies to pass. This time it could recognize something wrong and my immunity kicked in with a great force.

I further learned how pigs were applied during WWII to remove war crime evidence by feeding the enemies’ bodies to them. Pigs eat anything and later I encountered a child who witnessed a pig mom eating her own little babies on a well-organized pig farm. More pennies dropped, they began showering. I do not eat humans; I shall not eat anything that eats humans. Anything that wants to bite me, attack me or eat me, was never going to be on my menu again otherwise it would mean that I can as well eat another one of my own species. Those critters’ DNA already has the flesh of Man in them…..

I live close to nature, this grand creation of LORD GOD and HE reprimanded me. I am obedient to HIM, I fear HIM alone and I took serious notice. I learned the importance of the little critters, how much they work, constantly work, to purify Earth which includes water.

Then I began seeing reasons, more than what books and other peoples’ studies would reveal. I learned how these critters all work together with many more other elements, such as plants which will happily absorb some elements which are bad for Man, as nutrients and process it further to perfection to eventually yield a food, safe for consumption by Man and beast.

When this cleaning and maintenance process is interrupted, things go bad. Unsafe matter that has no immediate ‘enemies’ to process it, becomes poisonous with micro-organisms that invade it to do the same duty of ‘cleaning’. This is something which Man does not always see or want to know about and therefore don’t learn to understand. Some of these organisms are deadly to other life forms when they take over maintenance duties. This is Earth’s last resort to ‘cover up’ these areas and remove bad things in order to protect life. The food chain kicks into reverse.


Fungus knows more than most of Man

Observing certain kinds of micro systems, one can in fact learn how the whole process is linked. Some kinds of fungus will ‘sniff out’ bad things and create a network over the whole bad environment with which it will process the unsafe matter. This is in fact the last resort of Earth’s maintenance to protect any environment. It may sound contradicting, but it is not. It is very logical. It is very visible and oozes by looks and smell and more: Stay away from here, it is a bad environment.

Fungus, yeast and bacteria work together to create important micro systems. Some good (safe for Man) and some which would seem to be bad but their reason is to protect. The safe micro systems can be meaningful to Man when it is hosted in good environments. Milk alone, can be host to a large variety of micro processes which create different types of cheese and the same goes for grape varieties and the types of wines that can derive from combining micro elements. Most people enjoy a good cheese and wine. It is a very special culture which some of Man already know and utilize.

Algae & fungus work together to even create fascinating and slightly bigger micro systems which become various types of little plants known as lichens. Some are edible and occasionally can be the only food available for both Man and beast. They are often an adobe for very many small critters. Many of them will grow with the slightest breath of moisture. Very hardy, yet vulnerable to Man’s carelessness and exploitation. Yet, there are well recorded proof already that they are the first to grow out of the rubble after any  disaster.

Each one of fungus, yeast and bacteria can also serve as a stand-alone, a great purpose. The good ones can be consumed by Man and beast, the seemingly bad ones consume Man and beast and more when it is called to duty in order to protect.

The survival of all, where fungus and algae would socialize to create a new form of life, is probably the most stunning evidence of Earth taking care of life after any disaster which also includes the last resort Earth has taken to protect any environment. This is a very subtle system but not fragile at all. It is a tiny but powerful force. It removes everything that might tap its energy in order to restore the balance of life and then brings back each thing bit by bit again. It’s only enemy is Man and when Man causes destruction, the primitive process will begin all over again and eventually even Man shall be consumed. A powerful force, lead on the paths of the silver thread.

In short then, this is a grand survival from the most primitive roots. In most cases, most of Man won’t be able to survive with it since most elements needed for Man’s survival will be removed. It was initiated by Man after all. Man became their own enemy.


It is recorded in the Holy Scriptures, as the Prophet Isaiah spoke in the 19th chapter, referring to Egypt (which nowadays can be regarded as a greater concept of Man’s proudness and greed as it was in those days, escalating through centuries), and to the all of water as a live giving form. Special references here in verses 5 – 8:
5 The waters will fail from the sea, and the river will be wasted and become dry.
6 The rivers will become foul. The streams of Egypt will be diminished and dried up. The reeds and flags will wither away.
7 The meadows by the Nile, by the brink of the Nile, and all the sown fields of the Nile, will become dry, be driven away, and be no more.
8 The fishermen will lament, and all those who fish in the Nile will mourn, and those who spread nets on the waters will languish.

This part of Isaiah’s prophecy alone, is what is happening on Earth, even right now. I have witnessed in real life, rivers becoming foul, fish that die and farmlands withering, no crops These things are happening where rivers had been clogged and water began escaping Manmade borders.

In Isaiah’s 50th chapter, the second part of verse 2, we learn about the rebuke of LORD GOD as HE condemns Man’s sins:
“Behold, at my rebuke I dry up the sea. I make the rivers a wilderness: their fish stink, because there is no water, and die for thirst.”

The bigger picture becomes scarier with what the prophet Jeremiah saw as per his 16th chapter verses 16 – 18. Here it is clear that LORD GOD leaves Man to go against Man in the self-destruction mode which Man in any case began. This is very simple to understand. Since Man was created to the image of LORD GOD, Man also possesses a degree of revenge with which they want to get at another that trespass even if such trespass is if fact another’s basic right. Man uses this revenge even in evil ways. Just imagine then, the power of revenge of the Almighty Creator. HIS Creation, HE shall restore the balance. Evil is always heading to self-destruction for it cannot stand against the Almighty.

Prophet Hosea speaks it very simple in his 4th chapter, the heart rendering verse 3:
“Therefore the land will mourn, and everyone who dwells therein will waste away. All living things in her, even the animals of the field and the birds of the sky; yes, the fish of the sea also die.”
and the reason WHY in verse 6 (and further verses):
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God’s Torah, I will also forget your children.”

This is why I fear LORD GOD alone. HE Commands and HE gave me insight which I have to share. My very love for LORD GOD and HIS Creation, and my obedience to HIM gives me the strength to go on.

And then, very straight forward the revelation came to Zephaniah in verses 2 and 3:
“I will utterly sweep away everything from the surface of the earth, says the LORD.
“I will sweep away man and animal. I will sweep away the birds of the sky, the fish of the sea, and the heaps of rubble with the wicked. I will cut off man from the surface of the earth, says the LORD.”
Note the word rubble

The prophet Ezekiel saw also, and spoke the Word about the ‘Egypt syndrome’ (no reference to the present Egypt, rather a reference to the habits of Man derived from the greedy Pharaohs of those early days). Much about this in Ezekiel’s 29th chapter.

That which is yet to happen, had been revealed to Ezekiel as one can understand in the 38th chapter. Things are going to get worse. It already is and the pace picks up.

Reason why I cry to LORD GOD. I love HIS Creation, it is a very sad prediction of what is yet to be. When I listen to the beautiful songs of Nature, hold a baby bird in my hand, know what is going to happen, my heart breaks over and over. Almost each day, nowadays.

But then, in further revelation to Ezekiel as in the 47th chapter, we learn that healing will come. The 9th verse says:
“It will happen, that every living creature which swarms, in every place where the rivers come, will live. Then there will be a very great multitude of fish; for these waters have come there, and the waters of the sea will be healed, and everything will live wherever the river comes.”

Quite a revelation which very few will ever understand and accept. It is the circulation that shall be again after the final destruction. The silver thread that shall link all forms of Life to be rejuvenated and follow the commands by which it became in the Genesis. The silver thread cannot be destroyed but matter can.

This spells it out to me in very simple words. Those who have a mind that yearn to seek and consume the truth, will know what this means. The healing process. Some of Man shall survive for they are chosen as part of the clean up after destruction. They are the purest which LORD GOD will select. All other innocent of Man shall be removed before this day of destruction. LORD GOD does not hurt those who care. HE cares back in HIS perfection.

Yet, I pray that this limit won’t be reached, that Man will begin fixing up their wrong.


I became fascinated with life formed from fungus and algae the first time when I saw how lichens survived on quartz stones with temperatures that would burn my feet. Prior to this, I researched them a little bit, learning how precious they are and my first article at a newspaper I worked for (1990) was simply: “Lichens, Blood of the Namib”. Two years later I met this flora for the first time where desert and Atlantic Sea meet. I was amazed.

What I could find with limited references at the time, was that there existed (as recorded then) ca 18 000 species then. At the time I was more interested about lichens in the arid Namib desert areas, but learned quite a bit more about them, existing even in the arctic regions and the purpose they serve.

I have been pretty nomadic in my life, but I gathered moss and protected it all the time. Part of my big school. In some of my home folk’s tongues, lichens are also referred to as a type of rock moss and other pretty names describing them. But they are not a moss at all, though they love living with mosses in some areas.

I found a hint and then a secret of the equilibrium we need to understand. It was revealed later.

When Man interrupts Earth’s maintenance, then that which seems to be bad overtakes to bring everything into balance again. This even includes harming Man’s very existence on Earth. What is bad, has to go. When Man tries to control it, it will simply mutate with its main message of survival for Earth’s system. Therefore, Man first needs to seek out the cause and put things back to order again for the micro systems to get the message that all is okay. The ‘bad’ will stop and all the good that were initiated, will continue.

Man does not apply all essential natural science to care about their waste/pollution.
Pretty much the same rules for organic waste processes will kick in when man does not care about this kind of waste. The Holy Law has a section which describes in a few very simple words what Man needs to do with his excretion. Bury it. Burying it is safe for the environment and it will be processed in the correct way and filtered as safe matter, back to nature. A micro rule of Nature.

It so happens that today’s ‘civilization’ does not take it too serious and often this waste is pumped back into rivers and oceans. And, with man harvesting the water ‘cleaners’ by the tonnage, large areas are often left vulnerable and become toxic. Man then, creates a burden on an already damaged system.

Some communities are taking more care by first filtering the sewage waste. (In younger days, such waste would be skimmed, dried and ploughed back into the soil.) The water, which is not safe yet for human consumption, will be applied for irrigation purposes within the communities. This way, all unsafe matter is taken care of by Earth’s maintenance system. Unfortunately, this kind of care is disappearing and Man keep polluting, thinking it is the easiest and cheapest way and that Nature shall take care of it. But Man is wrong for Man is not doing their duty.

Man suffocates systems

Most folks know one danger of plastic. But it is not just for Man’s little ones. It includes all forms of life. It begins even before the day of manufacture, until the last broken bits still steal space and deprive microorganisms of oxygen, even release toxins in many ways. There are many ‘plastic’ faces to this terrible circle of destruction which Man thinks is a facelift of modern things instead of using the ‘gift of plastic’ – synthetics - in a responsible way.


First things first. People should stop fighting for and against systems that are wrong for Earth, for this is not getting anywhere. Man should work together and fix up. Everybody can make a mistake but to get at each other’s throats is just proof that the destruction caused by errors which Man does not want to admit, begins to consume Man. It is an evil cycle. There are activists and activists. Some are in it for the money they can earn, some because they truly care.

Water, our privilege which is for free, is one of the biggest fights among Man. But there are folks who touch the right subjects and do something about it because they are protecting the rights of water and many do not even earn an income from it. The latter do it because they need water. Water belongs to Earth and her inhabitants, does not matter where it flows. It is world property. Everybody has a right to it.

And a major one I’d call for the tobacco industry is - since the tobacco plant with its big leaves already creates many paths for the CO2 that will come from smoking a single cigarette – why not invest your earnings in developing an organic filter? Something that will be absorbed within one season to become compost. Nature knows better since she is not in it for the money. Need I say more than that fungus knows more than most of Man?

Norwegians roll their own cigarettes, the majority without using filters. As some often would say when they throw away a cigarette butt – “This goes back to nature easily” – and that is what I appreciate.

All for Water, Water for All

There are many other ways of generating electricity AND HEAT in a natural way than to capture water to do the job. Earth has many powers that does not need to be captured to be utilized. Why then are people too lazy to go for it? This is something I don’t want to know. Man needs to examine themselves and find out why and do something about it. See the small things which had already been developed and apply it.

Man can take the old method of ‘sewage farms’ one step further by recirculating filtered waste water back into the system to keep flushing it. A natural ‘filter’ to purify the water from smell and bacteria can be planted in manmade sandy basins – which can function as a sort of glorified large scale hydroponic system but with sand added - where the roots will be too happy to absorb these ‘nutrients’. These basins can be erected as terraces with gravity assisting the flow. And with the water and the plants, a magnificent micro system will be created as well which will add to the benefits of any environment, similar as what a free flowing river and its vegetation does.

Once the water reaches the lower terrace, the water flows back to Man’s purification plant for final treatment pretty much as it is done today from dam water which in itself, is not fit for human consumption without an extensive purification process. Dam walls can be taken down and Earth will have back the life giving circulation. (And there will be less mosquitos and other pests and our Earth will be ‘cool’ again!)

Saline clouds will be drawn back to a cooler environment of happy big rivers flowing and sucking air along which will result in the wind movement returning back to normal again around the globe, more condensation will happen as the rivers will ‘steam’ in masses again along with transpiration of returning vegetation on its banks.

And then the conclusion of initial magnetism…the salt of the Earth and more. Rain clouds will be born again, and there will be enough clean running water for Man to borrow a small bit from at times for basic maintenance. Farms won’t need special irrigation systems anymore from rivers, for there shall be enough rain and it won’t be called ‘dryland farming’ anymore.

When Man gives, LORD GOD returns plentifully. When Man takes, LORD GOD has nothing to return for HE does not take from Man. Man is emptying their very resources of life and won’t stop. The majority of Man is not part of Nature anymore. Only a few are still trying to revert the process which brings only a small delay of time. What is going to happen shall happen.

Yet, I want to believe in the mercy of LORD GOD that HE shall care back and it will escalate when more of Man tap into this silver thread.

I want to believe that Man knows more than fungus which knows to remain tapped into the silver thread.

But are there enough of Man left that care about Earth with this simple knowledge? Whether or not, the tiny force cannot be stopped and this way or the other, Earth is restoring herself by keeping up with the Holy Commands. The original magnetism is constantly at work to maintain the equilibrium and will do so until all bad elements have been removed.  Even until the day the lamb and the lion will be at peace, grazing together.

Then we shall live again, renewed.

I am Earth, please hear me



I witnessed

I abide in the same sense as Job, per his 12th chapter:
“But ask the animals, now, and they shall teach you; the birds of the sky, and they shall tell you.
Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you. The fish of the sea shall declare to you.
Who doesn’t know that in all these, the LORD’s hand has done this,
in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?
Doesn’t the ear try words, even as the palate tastes its food?
With aged men is wisdom, in length of days understanding.
(The latter of course, means male or female. As it became meaningful through my life, to live in solitude and seclusion at times.)

I am sad about what is still to happen for I love Earth, this magnificent creation of LORD GOD. I just don’t have all the tools to fix up damages which Man knowingly and unknowingly and deliberately causes for I rather care where I can for such tools I have. Observation and love within my own little area wherever I go.

But I know that LORD GOD has the final say, and I accept. HE knows my saddened heart and will replenish it with happiness as it had been prophesied.

I find courage to go on each day from the teachings in the Holy Scriptures, I find courage with Job in how and what he saw about Man. I find courage to go on from a few others like myself in the present life, they who observe and care.

I have courage always, holding on to LORD GOD. I shall live again in HIS Creation which I love.

Citations from Messianic Bible, Hebrew Name Version