Sunday, 21 August 2016

01 Prelude

Earth and all life came to existence by Commands of the Holy Creator. Everything lesser than Man always follow HIS commands. It is an instinct, a rule of Life which will never change. Alas, Man does not always follow HIS commands. The greed of man had been damaging and devouring this planet bit by bit and it gets worse each round.

With “Story of the Wind and Water” (a music which came in a very unexpected way to me) another revelation began and it was as if I was taken back into time, seeing how life on Earth came to be. It began when the Holy Creator gave life to water and it became a moving substance, fulfilling HIS command.

The original Creation of LORD GOD was perfect. LIFE at full. I had a glimpse of the greater part of the silver thread of LIFE which stretches even beyond glistening rivers, lakes and the oceans. It exists from before Man’s conception, beyond Man’s average perception. What we do know is that it is around in our world where we can explore, from the greatest depths and into the skies, flowing further into the expanse in all its forms, and then still rising to the heavens of LORD GOD where we do not see with our human eyes.

The silver thread stretches to create a path between touchable matter and untouchable Life. When it breaks, matter does not exist as its own unique life form anymore, yet Life still continues. This matter is then recycled to remain part of substance, and multitudes of its previous existence then become part of new life, each designed on the blue print of the original matter, all connected with the silver thread.

Any gardener knows the reason for pruning e.g. fruit trees and vines when the season asks for it - new life sprouts and the plant shall bear more fruit. All clippings can then be recycled by nature into compost which will nourish the very soil where it came from, causing a good environment for growth.

The more we travel the paths of the silver thread, the stronger we become and we gain more knowledge. We remain connected to Life. And Man, a being created with a soul, shall always remain connected to Life, even after our vessel on Earth becomes obsolete. The silver thread can stretch without breaking, it only breaks off from organic matter when such have reached the end of its cycle. But Man’s Life continues, only in another form, linked to the untouchable Life.

Taking it step by step then to understand, is what I need to share. I’ve been there. I witnessed. I have a duty. There are more who need to see and they shall for they are chosen. The vision is nothing mysterious, it is a simple observation, a care and love in any ordinary life; heart and soul. It exists all the time.

You love your pet, your plant, you speak to them and care for them. That is where connecting with more of the silver thread begins in modern society. It is a happy path one can see in the rubble and follow, escape from Man’s civilization which is not always civil.

Follow the silver thread diligently, look and listen with the care you have in your heart and you’ll hear and see beyond the average, understanding many reasons as to WHY.

Many of us want to hear the full part of: “because….” I searched and I found that it begins at the very moment Life was given to water. There is a reason why I was taken to that moment because…..

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