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I became fascinated with life formed from fungus and algae the first time when I saw how lichens survived on quartz stones with temperatures that would burn my feet. Prior to this, I researched them a little bit, learning how precious they are and my first article at a newspaper I worked for (1990) was simply: “Lichens, Blood of the Namib”. Two years later I met this flora for the first time where desert and Atlantic Sea meet. I was amazed.

What I could find with limited references at the time, was that there existed (as recorded then) ca 18 000 species then. At the time I was more interested about lichens in the arid Namib desert areas, but learned quite a bit more about them, existing even in the arctic regions and the purpose they serve.

I have been pretty nomadic in my life, but I gathered moss and protected it all the time. Part of my big school. In some of my home folk’s tongues, lichens are also referred to as a type of rock moss and other pretty names describing them. But they are not a moss at all, though they love living with mosses in some areas.

I found a hint and then a secret of the equilibrium we need to understand. It was revealed later.

When Man interrupts Earth’s maintenance, then that which seems to be bad overtakes to bring everything into balance again. This even includes harming Man’s very existence on Earth. What is bad, has to go. When Man tries to control it, it will simply mutate with its main message of survival for Earth’s system. Therefore, Man first needs to seek out the cause and put things back to order again for the micro systems to get the message that all is okay. The ‘bad’ will stop and all the good that were initiated, will continue.

Man does not apply all essential natural science to care about their waste/pollution.
Pretty much the same rules for organic waste processes will kick in when man does not care about this kind of waste. The Holy Law has a section which describes in a few very simple words what Man needs to do with his excretion. Bury it. Burying it is safe for the environment and it will be processed in the correct way and filtered as safe matter, back to nature. A micro rule of Nature.

It so happens that today’s ‘civilization’ does not take it too serious and often this waste is pumped back into rivers and oceans. And, with man harvesting the water ‘cleaners’ by the tonnage, large areas are often left vulnerable and become toxic. Man then, creates a burden on an already damaged system.

Some communities are taking more care by first filtering the sewage waste. (In younger days, such waste would be skimmed, dried and ploughed back into the soil.) The water, which is not safe yet for human consumption, will be applied for irrigation purposes within the communities. This way, all unsafe matter is taken care of by Earth’s maintenance system. Unfortunately, this kind of care is disappearing and Man keep polluting, thinking it is the easiest and cheapest way and that Nature shall take care of it. But Man is wrong for Man is not doing their duty.

Man suffocates systems

Most folks know one danger of plastic. But it is not just for Man’s little ones. It includes all forms of life. It begins even before the day of manufacture, until the last broken bits still steal space and deprive microorganisms of oxygen, even release toxins in many ways. There are many ‘plastic’ faces to this terrible circle of destruction which Man thinks is a facelift of modern things instead of using the ‘gift of plastic’ – synthetics - in a responsible way.

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