Sunday, 21 August 2016

02 MAIN CARRIER: Circulation System

Water is what was and will always be. Man can never own it, regardless of them trying to capture it. Water evaporates, it seeps away, flows by gravity and magnetism, it condenses and becomes rain, dew, frost, snow, hail. Water has many facets and it is powerful. It is an unrestricted substance and available for free. It is alive. It is Life.

Yet, Man wants to own water, believing that they create systems where only water can be applied but they are wrong and even too lazy to utilize the power of water correctly. It is easy for Man to just build a wall across and through a river which cuts the water off, and think they can keep the water forever, serving Man. But water is far too powerful, a power created by a Command from LORD GOD. Man cannot overrule this, water serves her purpose and finds ways to escape. This escape is Man’s loss.

All that happens by clogging up the precious veins of Earth, is an interruption of the greater appeal which exists – a form of circulation which needs to flow constantly in all directions from the center of Earth to the full expanse in all its forms. Man is allowed a portion of this water for their stay on Earth which needs to be constantly replenished throughout their life. From the moment though, when Man captures water, death begins. When it dams up, riverbanks overflow and vegetation drowns, and where it does not flow its usual borders, vegetation dies from a shortage of water for their roots. A terrible cycle begins. Critters living in the waters begin to die and many adobes of critters of the skies, are lost. The water becomes stale and new critters which are not as kind to Man, begin to move in.

Mosquito is the most known one. They breed in captured water. And some of their species are host to further bad micro species, most known and feared is malaria. Mosquitos can travel quite far, some even accidentally gets a ‘free ticket’ to a new land and if it’s a pregnant female, its trouble. She’ll find her stale water to lay her eggs and her offspring will be born in a new country where they’ll begin a new generation.

Looking at the big picture of LORD GOD separating waters from the waters and creating Earth from solid elements, and HIM causing a system of flowing water over and through the soil, is the essence of maintaining LIFE in HIS Creation of Earth. Each growing life form including Man, receives the (seemingly hidden) command of needing oxygen and to thirst for water – which is the basic guide to follow the path of the silver thread.

From this life which is the lulling cradle I saw in the fog there is constant birth and renewal which takes place. The grand maintenance system of Earth. Water movement and the air that is drawn with over the surface, both carrying oxygen needed for all life on Earth, in the waters and on land. The vapors from growth alongside this visible silver thread and those rising from the salty oceans, need both flowing water and wind to continue a grand cycle. The breath of LORD GOD, needed by Man and Beast which is constantly prepared for us in the circulation systems of Nature and distributed by Nature. By the Law of the Holy Creator – my LORD GOD.

It is held together by more invisible forces. The greatest of course magnetism which keeps Earth’s matter in one place. The Command of the Holy Creator for matter to collect and become Earth.

Learning about what is happening at present, reveals many reasons which I know about by simply being an observing kind of person. Some while ago I began watching satellite images of clouds formed from saline waters over the southern oceans, moving towards land, rain was predicted. BUT, soon enough it turned away back to the polar areas in a clockwise motion, hardly touching the most southern parts of land. A day or two before beginning to write this article, my eye caught another writing which referred to as what seemed, to have been a study about this happening. I haven’t had time to find the full article and study it, and realized soon enough I don’t need to. I see what I see and I trust my LORD GOD. HE is truth.

Revelations began when I listened to “Story of the Wind and the Water” during playback. The picture became bigger each time I listened, seeing where the silver thread guided me to. Amazing enough, it does not matter how tired or sick I am, each time I am on this path I become immune. I wouldn’t even know that I have a physical body when I’d come ‘out’ of it. And, unlike similar experiences when music hits me, I do not feel tired. It’s as if I am now on a constant parallel of my own existence.

Most of my childhood days I grew up next to man made dams and loved all the water, but somehow, seeing an open cement canal with running water through arid areas and a river with very little water and vegetation around, didn’t make sense to me. Nothing grew alongside the open canal, and it had no fish. I wanted to know why without knowing I wanted to know. I saw this each day from the school bus. I always looked at it, both the canal and rivers we crossed, wondering.

It is fine enough to observe what is happening and spell it out as is. But I always want to know WHY and HOW something is happening, what causes it. I learned many things by having this inquisitive mind. The Creation of LORD GOD is most special to me, I love the pure things in it and care as much as my human form can follow my fullest passion and then still continue spiritually where my body cannot go. This love is cause of my care and it hurts awfully to see when Creation is hurt. I try to find methods to restore wherever I can when I learn about a hurt somewhere.

A small thing I do lately during an immense drought in South Africa, is to have water available for wild birds which I feed, and during early August of 2016, after seeing a tiny ‘squadron’ of swallows, I knew I have to push seed varieties for the other wild birds. They are the main distributors of seeds in Earth’s system. I can even confirm this in sections of the Word LORD GOD gave to Noah before the flood, as LORD GOD wrote and also narrated to Moses to write down. So easy to understand - to circulate things that are needed. Many bird species do this by their very nature.

This is a small part of Earth’s hurt which I try to fix. But can this prevail against the prophecies of others before me? I pray and cry often now. LORD GOD I love your Creation. It hurts to see….

The Creator had some sky foodies available for those early swallows otherwise they wouldn’t have been in that spot. HE showed me HIS care in more hidden ways imaginable which I believe, for I have already witnessed many with my human eyes. It only takes observation with love in one’s heart to know these things. And if you truly care, you shall know.

I LISTEN to the voices of nature. I am happy when they are happy, alarmed when they are sad, thirsty and hungry. The latter at times affecting me as much as not being able to eat, food gets stuck on the lump in my throat.

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